The years that Cindy has spent working with dogs and their people, translates into what appears to be an intuitive sense of the dynamics that unfold between the two. ( I actually think she has some psychic abilities, but she denies this!)

She has helped me learn to watch my puppy for information; to observe closely and to be thoughtful of my interpretation. She supports me in letting go of judgement I might have of myself or my dog. She believes strongly in the gifts that dogs have to offer us as we journey through life with them.
My training sessions with Cindy are inspired by real life events that happen during our time together. We take advantage of the and opportunities for teaching that arise during the sessions. I find this approach inevitably addresses the areas in which my pup and I are needing the most support.

Cindy’s energy is boundless. The more challenging the issue, the more creative and excited she is to come up with a solution!

Overall, Cindy has found ways of supporting me and my dog that allow us to walk through the world with more ease. She’s been a real gift in my life.

Carolyn Remmers,
Mental Health Program Coordinator, Yoga Instructor, and person who is ridiculously in love with her puppy.



The Day Training sessions with Cindy have been invaluable. Her problem solving skills are amazing. At the initial session she helped me understand why my dog behaved the way he did. She explained and demonstrated how to help him overcome fears and aggressive behaviors. She picks up my dog for half a day, trains him in real life situations and brings him back. Now, instead of lunging and barking when he sees another dog, he looks at me.

Tom LaDow

For the last four years I have had the opportunity to work with Cindy Ehlers during her time as the trainer/ behaviorist at Lane County Animal Services. she basically changed the way this facility operated in so many positive ways…….from teaching volunteers to better handle difficult dogs to actually reducing the euthanasia numbers during her time there. she has made a huge impact at LCAS and I am a more competent volunteer trainer/ dog walker because of her influence. her methods are humane and effective and I have seen really challenged dogs be placed in successful homes because of her work with them.    ~Alix Mosieur

I am excited and looking forward to our next session. You are a great trainer!

Susie- Eugene, OR