Therapy Dog Training

In order to become a registered/certified therapy dog team, you and your dog will need to pass an evaluation with a therapy dog organization, know basic manners, be polite around people and neutral dogs, comfortable in various situations and comfortable being handled by strangers.

Your dog has the potential to become a therapy dog and may take the training If your dog is friendly with strangers and social with people and other dogs in a public setting, does not have any aggression or serious fear related behaviors.

I evaluate, mentor and am a member of Love on a Leash  (a national therapy dog organization) 

Class Topics include understanding relationships between you and your dog and the client. Learning your dog's stress signs and how to relieve stress. Learning body language and  greeting styles. Participants will learn through role play and hands on practice

Exercises include:
Handling, Petting, Out for a Walk, Walking Through a Crowd, Reaction to Neutral Dog, Crowded and Petted by Several People, Leave It/Off

Taking the course does not guarantee you will pass a therapy dog evaluation. Dogs must be at least 4 months old to take the training. Senior dogs must be pre-approved. Animals that show aggressive or fearful behavior will be considered either not ready or not appropriate for Therapy Dog class or visiting programs. If your dog is considered not ready you will be required to have an individual consultation to resolve the problem before you can return to class. Individual consultation fees apply.

*This class is not a requirement to become a certified/registered therapy dog team. If you think you are ready to start the evaluation and mentoring process, take the Self screening questionnaire to help you determine if you and your dog are ready to be evaluated

Health check by your veterinarian. This includes that your animal be free of parasites, and up to date on rabies vaccine and tag.

Therapy Dog Training Class

Date: June 4, 2018                                     Once a week for 4 weeks on Mondays
Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Cost: $165
Semi-Private: $205

This class is for dogs  who have the right personality to be a therapy dog, but lack impulse control.

I'm looking for a facility to hold classes. Please check back. If you know of a facility, please email me at 

See below for individual sessions


Therapy Dog Skills Classes

Dates:                                             September, October and November, 2018                              Time: 6:00 - 8:00                         Cost: $25 per team
4-8 Teams needed

includes clicker and handouts

The 4-week class is designed for animal-handler teams who are currently visiting and who want to train their dogs novel skills to enhance their visits. We use positive methods such as lure and clicker training in this class. Experience with clicker training is not necessary to be successful in this class. Small class size helps us provide individualized instruction. Skills we cover include

Teaching unique  behaviors

  • Walking along the side of a walker or wheelchair
  • Back
  • Wait
  • Left and right
  • Head down on lap
  • Turn around
  • Walk on

Individual Therapy Dog Training and Mentoring

Individual Training: $75 per session
Mentoring: $25 per session

For more information or to book an appointment, email;

Therapy Dog Evaluations

Wonder if you and your dog are ready to become a therapy dog team? Take the Self screening questionnaire to help you determine if you and your dog are ready to be evaluated. If you think you have the potential but need some fine tuning, consider taking therapy dog class 1

For more information or to book an appointment, email;

Evaluation Cost: $45