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Training & Behavior -         We give these a big 4 Paws up!    

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DR. DUNBAR'S DOG BEHAVIOR & TRAINING  If you have a dog with problems, you want to train your own dog or you just want to know more about dogs, this is the place for you. One stop shopping for all your training needs. 


IT’S ME OR THE DOG on Animal Planet - If you want to see a show about changing problem behaviors in dogs that focuses on positive methods, watch this entertaining show on Animal Planet! Victoria Still well does not cut dog owners any slack and shows them how to change their behavior while at the same time changing their dog’s behavior. 


THE LANGUAGE OF DOGS DVD  If you would like to learn how to spot the signs of stress that professionals see on the show (and in other dogs with behavior problems), we highly recommend this 2 DVD set which also includes some very impressive footage of aggressive dogs.


CULTURE CLASH – Jean Donaldson, considered a staple in every dog trainer’s library, Culture Clash breaks down the myths about training and behavior and explains how dogs learn in clear, straightforward language.

The Cautious Canine  Patricia McConnell helps you understand fear in dogs and explains the solution in easy to understand words. Whether your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner or defensively aggressive to visitors, this booklet will result in a happier, better behaved dog

OUTWITTING DOGS – Terry RyanFrom world-renowned dog trainer Terry Ryan, with Kirsten Mortensen. Uses more brain than brawn to motivate dog behavior with positive training techniques and helps readers understand the minds of their canine friends. Focusing on problem solving and prevention with puppies as well as adult dogs, you’ll find techniques to cure: the chronic chewer, the leash puller, the dog who jumps on people, the dog who hates to be left alone, the dog who won’t come, the dog who barks too much, the biter, the aggressor, and more. You’ll even learn how to outwit the neighbor’s dog, socialize your puppy, teach your own dog tricks, outwit dogs and kids at the same time, and much more.

You Tube Videos

Pawsitive Pet &  Cindy Ehlers - The video's on these pages are from client's dogs. They have given their permission to view to help others

Domesticated Manners

Patricia McConnell

Clicker Training

Clicker Training USA

Veterinary & Low Cost Services

Community Veterinary Center

 Pro Bono- Food and Supplies Pro-Bone-O Eugene, Oregon 97440 541-607-8089     

St Vincent De Paul's Eugene Service Station- Food and supplies 485 Highway 99 Eugene, OR 541-461-8688   

Eugene City Spay/Neuter Clinic


3970 W 1st Ave, Eugene, OR

Willamette Animal Guild (WAG)


3045 Royal Ave, Eugene, OR

Pets of the Homeless

Boarding & Pet Sitting

Playful Pet Pals

Lucky Dog Care
4102 Franklin Blvd. Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 744-BARK (2275) 

Adoption & Rescue

First Avenue Shelter

Greenhill Humane Society

Shelter Animal Resource Alliance

Stray Cat Alliance

Florence Area Humane Society

Canine Miracle Rescue
Saving lives, one dog at a time

Pet Stores & Other

The Healthy Pet
28th and Friendly Eugene, OR
(541) 343-3411

WAGS Dog Emporium   

All American Pet

Pet Waste Removal
(541) 913-7056



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